Chilled Water Installation

From Vivarium to Searle Center 
3000 LF of 36″ Flex Ring (Half of the pipe “supply line” was Thermacor insulated.)
This project involved routing down Research Drive to complete the chilled water piping to Duke Medical Center Hospital North. Once completed, this project put the hospital on the Duke University’s chilled water system. MIShad to perform most of the work at night, as Research Drive is a main traffic artery and could not be closed. MIS successfully installed the chilled water piping by digging under the main walkway canopy. We supported the canopy with a crane, allowing us to excavate under it while leaving the canopy completely intact. We filled the void that was left behind, between the new pipes and the existing canopy footings, with concrete.

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From Emergency Department Drive to Flowers Drive
2200 LF of 30″ Flex Ring (Half of the pipe “supply line” was Thermacor insulated.)

To complete this section of the Duke University Hospital chilled water installation, MIS shut down the Duke Hospital loading dock at night in order to extend the 30″ lines out of the drive. We removed and replaced railroad tracks, relocated a steam line, installed 100′ of tunnel system for the future building (half of a 10’x10′ culvert setting on a concrete slab) and extended the line toward Duke’s future Central Campus.